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New Source & Unsubmitted Pages Added to Coverage Report - Google Search Console

Lately, Google fixed the "validate fix button" and rolled out a much more seamless coverage report status.

Google added a way to filter the report by resubmitting pages and a new source column.

What's New?

Two new items are added in this report, outside of the invalid or valid/indexed or not indexed basics

1- The filter for the coverage report now has a filter named "unsubmitted pages only.

Any excluded issues that have a corresponding "Submitted but ..." Error version will be merged into one issue with an error status. So, to filter the report to display only submitted or unsubmitted URLs, use the filter dropdown on the main page, and select either "All submitted pages or Unsubmitted pages'' only.

Glenn Gabe posted on Twitter stating "Note, Google completed the migration to the new, simpler reporting in GSC. In the Coverage reporting, "indexed, not submitted" is gone, but you can still get that by filtering by "unsubmitted pages only".

What does it look like?

2- A new "Source" column is added to these reports.

The Source value exhibits whether the state detailed in the Reason column is generated by the website or by Google. If the reason is due to any website activity, you can fix it on time.

What does it look like?