9 Best Way to Promote Business on Social Media

1 . Fill Out Your Profile You should add the complete information about your business, so it will look more trustworthy.

2.  Add Your Branded Hashtags You can create your own branded hashtags to promote your business on Instagram.

3.  Cross-Promote on Other Channels  You can simply ask people to follow you on the social media.

4.  Use Branded Social Icons on Your Website Create your branded social icons unique, so people can easily open your site.

5.  Newsletters & Email Signatures Add the social media icons in newsletter, so users can follow you on social media.

6.  Create Targeted Ads Start the ads on Facebook for targeted traffic.

7.  Tag Products to Your Posts Recently Facebook and Instagram provide a feature, so users can easily tag their products in post.

8.  Provide Social-Only Discounts Provide offers and discounts to users in ads.

9.  Contests & Giveaways Try to start contests & giveaways, so users can involve them and purchase your products.