Our Activities

The Association holds an Annual Conference which consists of a one-day scientific meeting,  the AGM, continuing professional development sessions and discussion groups.  The Conference extends over a period of two days and is held at different University venues around the country. The scientific programme covers topics directly concerned with radiation protection,  with emphasis on practical aspects of radiation protection.

We publish a newsletter three times a year which keeps members informed of published papers, forthcoming legislation,  meetings,  conferences and similar events.

We are a member of the RPA2000 certification scheme and in a position to accept members for certification under this scheme.

Handbooks have been written by members,  under the Associations' name,  on radiation protection and other relevant topics  -  many of which were published by H & H Scientific Consultants.   See our publications page for more information.

We have a very popular mailbase on e-mail,  which is often the first port of call for many members seeking advice,  wishing to benefit from the expansive pool of knowledge available, or just have a chat/debate about RP issues and associated topics.

To register for the mailbase, you will have to email the mailbase administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   After checking to see that you are a member of the AUPRO your details will be added to the mailbase.  When you join, you can also be automatically added if you tick the box on your application form.

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